US-IDF is your link to the world’s dairy industry.

The U.S. dairy industry is more globally engaged than ever before.  The United States National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (US-IDF) provides a gateway for the U.S. dairy industry to collaborate internationally on sound science – based standards, methods and best practices to ensure consumers have consistent access to high quality, safe dairy products.  US-IDF through its membership with the International Dairy Federation (IDF), also provides a platform for education and sharing of expertise through the 17 Standing Committees where the work of IDF occurs.  Subject areas include animal health/farm management, nutrition/health, dairy policy/economics, standards, food safety, analytical methods, environment, dairy science/technology, and marketing.

US-IDF was founded in 1980 and joined IDF that same year.  Its members represent national trade and marketing associations, state dairy associations, dairy processing and manufacturing companies, academia, government agencies, and industry suppliers.  All US-IDF members work together to ensure the U.S. dairy industry perspective is voiced within each of these important work areas, ensuring engagement within the global dairy science arena.