US-IDF’s Role

US-IDF is one of 43 member country National Committees of The International Dairy Federation (IDF). A recognized international authority in the development of science -based standards for the dairy sector, IDF has an important role to play in ensuring the right policies, standards, practices and regulations are in place to ensure the world’s dairy products are safe and sustainable. With that in mind, US-IDF provides the U.S. dairy industry a voice in those efforts to ensure that those global standards are aligned with U.S. practices and standards.

To do that US-IDF aligns with the work of IDF which centers around four pillars:  Nutrition and Health, Standards, Sustainability, and Food Safety.  US-IDF topic experts engage in the work and voice the U.S. perspective, providing input and recommendations based on sound science.

  • Nutrition

US-IDF proactively supports science-based nutrition policies that ensure dairy is an integral part of the diet for all age groups and contributes to closing the nutritional gap.

  • Standards

US-IDF aims at shaping global regulatory frameworks through the development of policies, laws, regulations, protocols/codes of practice, specifications, guidelines and fact sheets. These address methods of analysis and sampling (MAS), food standards, animal health and welfare, environment, food safety and quality, and nutrition.

  • Sustainability

US-IDF supports the dairy sector’s commitment to continuously improve its ability to provide safe and nutritious milk and dairy products from healthy animals to consumers while preserving the planet’s natural recourses and ensuring decent livelihoods worldwide. This must be done by developing and promoting sustainable practices across the dairy supply chain, regardless of management practices.

  • Dairy Safety & Quality

US-IDF promotes U.S. best practices and risk assessment to assist in safeguarding the integrity and transparency of the dairy supply chain which is paramount to ensure the dairy industry can deliver safe milk and dairy products of the highest quality.