You can make a difference! Join US-IDF and contribute your dairy expertise to ensuring that dairy remains part of a healthy, nutritious diet and that the U.S. dairy industry can fairly compete in the global marketplace.

How Can You Benefit from US – IDF Membership?

Being a US-IDF member provides:

  • Direct input into setting global dairy standards and practices that align with those of your organization and the U.S. dairy industry. IDF is well respected among international organizations, due to all the expertise that National Committees like US-IDF bring to the table. It’s critical that the U.S. voice and position be heard, since many times our practices may be unique from other parts of the world. US-IDF has worked hard, and with success, to build our credibility on the global scene in this regard.
  • Access to the collective knowledge and experience of major dairying countries around the world.
  • Collaboration with other international organizations, like Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), International Standards Organization (ISO), Codex Alimentarius and others, to facilitate fair trade for dairy products. Membership provides a voice and a seat at the table for the U.S. dairy industry to be involved in the decision making of these important bodies.
  • Participation in IDF Standing Committees, providing the opportunity to meet and work with international leaders in a variety of dairy disciplines, advising the future direction of the world’s dairy industry.
  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of trends and innovations—from economics to scientific breakthroughs.

US-IDF – Your Link to the World’s Dairy Policies and Markets

Membership Application

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