US-IDF….Member Benefits

The mission of IDF is to represent the dairy sector worldwide by providing the best global source of scientific expertise and knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality milk and dairy products to deliver consumers with nutrition, health and well-being.

The Top Three Reasons Organizations Belong to US-IDF
  • “Stay abreast of worldwide dairy developments”
  • “Global networking”
  • “Provide input at the international level that impacts my company”
Membership in US-IDF is mutually beneficial….employees learn about key developments in the global dairy sector while providing technical and scientific expertise to facilitate standards and guidelines that benefit international dairy trade.

US-IDF members meet twice each year, in addition to IDF meetings, to discuss relevant issues that impact US members, gain input, and development US positions to take to the global discussion table.
  • Spring: Annual Meeting and Education Session
  • Fall: Membership Meeting to prep for annual IDF business meetings and World Dairy Summit
In addition US- IDF experts contribute to the work of 18 Standing Committees dedicated to key projects and priorities for dairy worldwide including the areas of:

  • Economics & Marketing
  • Dairy Farming
  • Food Standards
  • Analytical Methods
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • Science & Technology
To learn more about each work area or its respective committees and task forces, please visit the IDF website: US-IDF structure follows the same 18 standing committees, allowing members to participate in their respective areas of interest.